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Monday, February 28, 2011

Monday, February 28, 2011

Books - I have a droid phone and downloaded the free Kindle e-reader app. The Classics are free to download. While on the waiting list for the e-books from Wilbor, I am reading the free Classic Bram Stoker's Draccula. It is very interesting. It jumps around some, giving several different character's view points. I am enjoying reading it while I read other books.

Mom Tips - Baby S had been waking up soaked through in the mornings. I tried just going up a size in diapers, but that was not enough. I learned, from my friend Jen, a neat little trick. Kind of a wierd trick, but it worked when Little B was a baby as well. You take a ladies femine napkin, aka pad, peel of the backing and stick it to the inside of the diaper along the front top. Keep it where the diaper padding is, don't let it hang outside of the diaper or it won't help and will leak more. It works sooooo well!

Boys - Little B was very excited the other day when he saw Baby S standing up holding on to my legs when I was sitting in the chair. Little B (who will be 3 in May) said with a smile and great excitement "Baby S is standin up! ... like a boy! ... like me :)" I wonder how excited he will be when Baby S takes his first steps?

Life In General - still using my Diva cup and loving it. Google it. If you want more info, let me know and I will be happy to chat about it with you.

Friday, February 25, 2011

February 25, 2011

Thinking about trying to stick with the same format each time: Books, Mom hints, boys, life in general. Will try that for a while :)

Book - Counting on Grace - a book I downloaded for free on my droid 2 from the Wilbor website through the library. Great read about a 12 year old girl and her family that work in a factory in the late 1800's. Kind of a plucky, spunky little thing, told from her point of view. Enlightened me as to the child labor laws and their beginnings.

Mom Hints - Diaper Bag organization - I use quart size freezer bags to put an entire outfit in, socks, onsie, top and bottoms. This way, if there is a blowout or a bad spit up, the entire outfit is in one spot - no digging! Since I have 2 boys still possibly needing outfits, I wrote their names on the bags. This also makes it easier for husbands, grandmas and childcare providers. As an added bounus, you have a bag to put the yucky clothes in, so the yuck does not get on the rest of your stuff :)

Boys - they continue to keep me busy. Little B and I got to snuggle a bit this AM, that was nice. No funny story about him today. Baby S is army crawling a lot! He is just starting to pull himself up, but not really sure what to do when gets there. L is really into the book The Name of this Book is Secret. Luckily, there are 2 more books in the series, need to find him a new one.

Life in General - I get to play teacher this afternoon. I sub about once a quarter, to keep current. I am subbing half day in a 5th grade classroom this afternoon. Hope not too many of them are taller than I am ;) I taught 5th grade during my 5th year of my 12 years of teaching.

Hope you have a great day :)

Thursday, February 24, 2011


a test to see if a notice is sent when I post something new :)


Hey all,

Thought I would try my hand at blogging! Not a writer, or one to journal, but thought I would give it a go.

A friend of mine blogs about free books - she gets them free if she agrees to write a blog review about them, which is one of the reasons I decided to try it. I love to read, so will be including som book reviews in this blog.

I am a stay at home mom of 3 boys. L will soon be 7 and is in 2nd, B is almost 3 and S is almost 1. They are my world, so I will be sharing about them a lot. I would like to include mom tips - several friends have said they like my ideas, so I will write about them here.

My husband is a wonderful man. He is an architect for Hy-Vee and enjoys designing grocery stores. I am sure he will also be included.

Not much for my first entry, but I guess you have to start somewhere :)