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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Ha ha ha - my husband is sooo funny :) Hope you all enjoyed his fun yesterday :)

Books - so, still no new book, as I was subbing yesterday, I did not make it to the library to check out a new book :( And, though I am done with all the Wilbor ebooks on my droid, I have yet to figure out how to return them early. You can only have 3 books out at a time. This means I cannot check out new ones until the old ones expire :(

Mom Tips - I know that our winter season is almost over, but you can tuck this little tip away and use it next year. I use a silver Sharpie to write on all of L's winter gear and other things he takes out of the house that I want to make sure make it back in the house. Gloves, hats, boots, backpacks, games, lunch bags, shoes, etc. Silver Sharpie shows up well on those dark/black items. If the items are light colored, I use a black Sharpie. I always just write his last name. I do this for 2 reasons 1)so bad guys don't call him by name and try to trick him into going with them etc. or whatever bad guys do and 2)so the items can be passed down to his brothers, if there is any life left in the item after L gets through with them. BTW I LOVE Sharpies, I have them in every color - I don't use them quite as much as a SAHM as I did when I was teaching, but I still LOVE them :)

Boys - Baby S was STANDING in his crib this morning. He has been pulling himself up some, but this is the first time he has done it in his crib. He is also clapping when you say yay!!! He is growing up soooo fast. Gave him some banana pieces this morning at breakfast. He had some yesterday when daddy was home with him. The second time was only slightly better. He is not good with new tastes and textures, will have to try things LOTS of times with this one. His older brothers seemed to take to new foods quite quickly. I need to get the sippy cup going - he is officially 10 months tomorrow. L's conferences with his second grade teacher are tomorrow, things have been a little rough behavior wise at school, so I know it will not be a stellar conference in that aspect. Not worried about his academics, but I do wish he would behave better while he is at school.

Life in General - Had fun subbing in a Kindergarten classroom yesterday, while my husband stayed home and played Mr. Mom. I think it is good for him to stay home once in a while to get a sense of how my day goes :) I'm just glad I have a good hiding spot for those bon bons ;)


  1. Did you get your B4Bs book yet?

  2. I got an email saying that it has been shipped, but, I have not gotten it yet :(