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Thursday, March 3, 2011

March 3, 2011

Books - The new Twilight movie comes out soon - I decided to re-read the series. I just started rereading Twilight today. I am reading it on my Droid free through Wilbor. The first time I read the series, I wanted to know what happened at the end, so I read it very quickly. Taking my time this go-round :)

Mom Tip - Two tips today as they are quite small.
1) pack the diaper bag the night before if you know you are going somewhere the next day- makes things less stressful in the morning.
2) I have a zippered cosmetics bag in the diaper bag for all the little things. I get mine free every six months from Clinique's bonus days, but they are pretty inexpensive if you don't get them free :)

Boys - Every Thursday, Baby S and Little B go to a great in home childcare provider while L is at school. This allows me to volunteer in L's classroom and do all my in town shopping and erands without toting around 2 little ones. So, not much to report on the boys today ;)

Life in General - Got Baby S's baptism invites DONE!!! Yay! Will be spending Friday getting the house cleaned for L's 7th birthday this weekend.

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