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Monday, March 7, 2011

March 7, 2011 (Monday)

Books - Almost done re-reading the fist book in the Twilight series. I still think it is even better the second time around :) I am not going to review this one much, as I feel it has been done with so much hype with all the movies. I am sure I will read another book between the books in the series, as I am on the waiting list for the next e-book.

Mom Tips - today's tip is not just for moms :) this tip has to do with garbage. In my city, we have single stream recycling, meaning you get to dump all your recyclables into the same big rolling cart and you do not have to sort them :) So, we have two regular size kitchen trash cans in our kitchen. We have a cabinet that pulls out that hold both cans. So, here are the hints. 1)I line both cans with trash bags. 2)I use a big rubber band on each trashcan to hold the trash bag in place - amazing the difference this makes in keeping it where it goes. 3)When the recycle can is full, I take it out to the rolling cart and dump it, leaving the trashcan liner in place. Usually the garbage is full at this time as well, so I take off the rubber band, pull out the full garbage bag and put it in the big rolling garbage can. I then swap cans, the recycle can with its liner is now the garbage can. I put in a new liner in the garbage can, secure it with the rubber band and it now becomes the recycle can. The recycle liner does double duty, and my cans always stay clean.

Boys - L's 7th birthday party was this weekend, and it was a success!!! The show, Phineas and Ferb, was the theme. He had a great time, and a friend of mine made an awesome cake.
Baby S is pulling himself up a lot now, I guess it won't be long until my baby boy is walking - they grow up too fast.
Little B got down stairs before me this AM while I was dressing Baby S. He comes back upstairs and says "I'm going to my room" This results in a groan from me, as I know he has done something he is not supposed to. I told him to come here - he does. The tell tale chocolate smears give him away. He got into the chocolate kisses that his brother did not put away last night. He goes to his room, I go downstairs and find the wrappers - wait for it - in the bathroom where he had gone to hide to eat them. He knows mama does not accept chocolate for breakfast or before lunch :)

Life in general - Not real excited about the snow, again, not sure why I am more ready for Spring this year than I ever remember. If you looked up the Diva cup and found you were interested, they are on, for, you guessed it, half off. 19.99 plus shipping.

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