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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Books - Currently Reading - Where'd You Go Bernadette - very interesting read, though a strange format of emails and diary like entries.  Need to get new books tomorrow when I take S to story time.

Mom Tips - OH! MY! GOODNESS!!! I used my Norwex Enviro cloth to detail my van.  I spent over 4-5 hours vacuuming and then scrubbing, every inch of all the plastic, carpet, upholstery, and ceiling, with my cloth.  It looked so good, my Hubs asked me where I took it to have it detailed.  No where - just elbow grease, Enviro cloth, and water. I seriously CAN'T BELIEVE how good it looks.  My Van was TRASHED - 3 boys, aged 10, almost 6 and almost 4 will do that to a van.  I WISH I would have taken before and after pics.  Those cloths are magic! Oh, I did use the polishing cloth on the mirrors and screens. I was glad I did it in the garage as I rinsed out the cloth about a million times, and the brown water poured out of the cloth each time.

Boys - wow - where to start, as it has been 3 years since I last posted - S was still in a crib LOL

S- soon to be four, in 3 year old preschool 4 mornings a week, he is no longer a baby boy - he is so big :(  But, will still snuggle with his mama.  He is a smart little bugger - hope I can keep up. He is reading, writing and counting like you would not believe!

B - soon to be 6, is almost done with Kdg.  He is having a great year. His reading has really taken off :)  He is into sports, flag football was in the fall and he is currently in baseball AND soccer - Daniel is coaching his soccer team and really enjoys it.

L - just turned 10.  Finishing up 5th grade, as well as Algebra I and Geometry over at the 8th Grade / 9th Grade building.  Trying to fully decide where he will be this fall.  One option I THINK we have settled on, is to have him at the 8/9 building, full day next year, taking a myriad of classes, including Algebra II and computer programming.  We shall see - quite a roller coaster ride :)

Life in General - excited to tag along with Daniel to FL for a work trip - several days of me doing nothing :) while he is in meetings :) and attending events with him at night :)  Need to start packing tomorrow, as the boys will be with my folks. 

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