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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

March 1, 2011

Books - Just signed up for Blogging for Books. This program sends you free books if you agree to blog a review and post a review on one of their sites. Waiting for my confirmation e-mail to get started.

Mom Tips - Cute spring shirts are arriving in the stores, but sadly, they are short sleeved. Have no fear, mom tips is here! Ha ha ha, silly :) but, I do have a solution. I buy long sleeved white onsies, or long sleeved white t-shirts for the older kiddos. You can then put them under the new cute short sleeved shirts and voila! they get to wear those cute new shirts NOW. As an added bonus, the shirts last for more than one season. Plus, the "layered look" is IN. This works great at the end of summer as well, when all those short sleeved shirts go on sale and they can wear them into the fall and winter.

Boys - As we are pulling into the garage this morning, after dropping L at the bus for school, Little B (almost 3) asks "Where is Daddy?" I tell him that Daddy is at work and he says "no he's not, he's in the baffroom" I ask what he's doing in there and Little B replies without missing a beat "he's poopin" followed by lots of giggles. Boys and poop humor, I think I am in for a lot of that with 3 little boys, and 1 big boy aka their Dad :)

Life in General - Need to get Baby S's baptism invites started today and done and in the mail by Friday. March snuck up on me. Also need to buy L's 7th birthday present on Thursday for his party on Saturday. Busy mommy this week :)

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