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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

March 2, 2011

Books - Just finished reading another free Wilbor downloaded book on my droid - I LOVE that app! Her Mother's Hope: Marta's Legacy Series Book 1. Good book, looking forward to book 2. Marta, the main character is a Swiss 12 year old with a terrible and abusive upbringing. She bucks up and overcomes. She works hard and moves from country to country bettering herself along the way. She marries and has children and repeats some of the same abuse, though not consciously. She overcomes much, with her faith playing a strong part.

Mom tips -ALWAYS ask for the insert in kids prescription liquid medicine. It makes it SOOOO much easier to use a syringe to remove the medicine from the bottle. No sticky mess, no icky label, an you get the exact amount of medicine and the kids receive it all as well. The syringe allows you to squirtt the medicine in the back of their cheek and you can give it slow or fast :) PLUS as an added bonus, when the prescription meds are gone, you can pull the insert out, wash it and insert it in the ibuprofen or acetaminophen bottles making those meds easier to get out too :)

Boys - yesterday during naptime (which I think is a lost cause for Little B) Little B unwound all the toilet paper from the roll. Mama was NOT happy :( I told him that was not a nice thing and he should not do that anymore. He was sad and said "but I wanted a doot de doo" - he wanted the cardboard tube inside the toilet paper roll to use as a horn ;) how can you be mad at that? Baby S can get him self from laying down to sitting up all by himself now :(- I suppose this is bound to happen at 9, oh wow, in 8 days it will be 10, months. He is getting sooooo big. L had a GREAT day at school - that makes me happier than you know, as he has had a rough last few days.

Life in general - Loved seeing the sun today :) Really wanting spring to get here this year, don't remember being so in a hurry for spring in years passed.


  1. save up couple empty TP tubes for things like this! I have dishpan full of it, waiting...

  2. Jean, I do, he wanted a "new" one :)